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West Memphis Bankruptcy Firm Helps Debtors Back on Their Feet

Lawyers dedicated to helping Arkansas clients get a fresh start

At Ziegenhorn & Bernard, An Association of Lawyers, we know that good people can end up buried under crushing debt, due to circumstances beyond their control. A serious medical problem or loss of a job may be enough to land you in dire straits. We have deep experience helping consumers eliminate debt through the bankruptcy process. We also provide debt resolution options that can avoid bankruptcy, such as negotiated settlements.

Reliable attorneys counsel debtors on selecting a bankruptcy plan

Our attorneys assist people in debt relief through bankruptcy and other federal and state laws. We help you evaluate which type of bankruptcy relief is the right one based on your circumstances, making sure you understand the consequences and advantages of each. The principal options are:

  • Chapter 7 liquidation — This bankruptcy path is designed to give you a fresh start, free from most of your debts. It requires selling assets to satisfy as much of your debt as possible but federal and state laws allow exemptions, such as portions of the equity in your home and your car. You must satisfy a means test to be eligible for Chapter 7.
  • Chapter 13 wage earner plan — This form of bankruptcy allows debtors to pay off a portion of their debts in installments over a three-to-five year period under a court-ordered repayment plan and have the remainder of their qualifying debt discharged. A key feature of a Chapter 13 filing is that it allows you to save your home from foreclosure.
  • Chapter 11 reorganization — If you have an interest in a corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship, this form of bankruptcy permits your business to continue operating while you pay creditors under a reorganization plan. The Chapter 11 option helps you escape debt without losing the business you’ve struggled so hard to build.

In all bankruptcy cases, our goal is to help clients keep as much property as they legally can while discharging as much of their debt as possible.

Experienced bankruptcy lawyers focus on debt-resolution

Our attorneys can help arrange debt relief and negotiated settlements with creditors, avoiding bankruptcy in some cases. Our services include:

  • Debt analysis — We review your debts, income and expenses to determine the most effective way to ease your financial burden and protect your property and future credit.
  • Negotiating debt relief options — We can negotiate settlement agreements, working to persuade creditors to lower your debt and accept more reasonable monthly payments.
  • Fighting abusive debt collection — We can make sure bill collectors are adhering to the requirements of the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. We take efforts on your behalf to put a stop to harassment and threats and may be able to win you compensation.

We can also help you take steps to repair your credit standing after a discharge in bankruptcy or completion of a debt repayment plan.

Consult a skilled bankruptcy firm in Arkansas to set up your free initial consultation.

Whatever your debt situation, we can help protect your assets and enforce your rights in bankruptcy or other debt-relief options. To set up your initial consultation, call Ziegenhorn & Bernard, An Association of Lawyers, at 870-551-3178 or contact us online.

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