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West Memphis Civil Litigators Work to Resolve Business Disputes

Arkansas attorneys are aggressive in the face of tough opposition

When legal complications disrupt your business, you need forceful representation to achieve positive resolutions. At Ziegenhorn & Bernard, An Association of Lawyers, we represent individuals and companies in the West Memphis area in litigation arising from business and commercial disputes, including property damage and insurance claims. Whether we represent the plaintiff or the defendant, we are zealous in our efforts to achieve optimal legal results.

Providing steadfast protection for business interests

We take a strategic approach to every litigation challenge, carefully assessing the factors at hand and building strong, evidence-backed cases. We provide legal counsel for:

  • Business litigation — We can enforce your remedies when a party to a contract or other obligation doesn’t perform, such as seeking monetary damages or equitable relief, or defend against such allegations. We also represent clients in the full gamut of possible legal actions involving businesses, including complaints from employees, customers, other businesses and government.
  • Property damage — We help clients bring or defend against lawsuits seeking money damages for property damage caused by vandalism, motor vehicle accidents, delivery of damaged goods, negligent flooding, spills and contamination.
  • Insurance claims — When an insurance company refuses to fulfill its obligations under a policy, we step in to enforce your rights to the benefits owed. We are skilled in dealing with appraisers and other experts to build a strong case and will utilize dispute resolution methods whenever possible, opting for litigation as the last resort.

During negotiations and courtroom proceedings, we confidently face off against opposing counsel, endeavoring to present our clients’ interests clearly and convincingly.

Consult a reliable civil litigation firm to prepare for your free initial consultation.

Our dedicated litigators will look out for your best interests in pursuing or defending any civil litigation matter. To set up your initial consultation, call Ziegenhorn & Bernard, An Association of Lawyers, at 870-551-3178 or contact us online.

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